At BigTB, our mission is to democratize access to information, technology, and opportunity. Part of our business model involves being able to offer very affordable services to businesses and consumers. With a sales internship at BigTB we can teach you skills that will help you learn to sell in a variety of environments. Interns are also eligible for commissions and will have significant access to training resources, leads, and support. Part of the benefit of this internship is that you will leave with actual experience using various methods of lead generation. The sales industry allows individuals to earn very significant income if they can master the skills of marketing and sales.

The ideal candidate for a Sales intern will have the following qualities:

  1. Excellent communication skills and the ability to connect with people.
  2. The ability to use simple CRM software to track the results of your activities.
  3. Open to criticism and extremely coachable.
  4. Ability to handle rejection. “You’ll hear a lot of no’s before you’ll year a yes”.
  5. Ability to manage time and meet realistic deadlines.
  6. Interest in gaining skills to be able to earn a high income through hard work.

The Sales internship runs for 90-180 days. Upon successful completion of the internship interns will have been trained in various methods of lead generation, multiple closing techniques, and understand the way commission based compensation plans work. These skills make it much easier to both find a sales job and also understand what opportunity a sales job is actually offering you.

The time commitment for this internship is a minimum of 20 hours per week which will be combination of instruction and independent work.

Job Category: Sales
Job Type: Full Time Internship
Job Location: Remote
Career Level: Entry Level

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