Startup Sprint Application
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About your Startup

It can be anything from help marketing, how to create a legal entity to do business under, web development, etc.
What are some reasons why someone would choose to work with you over a competitor? Note: it doesn't always have to be anything extraordinary.
Examples would include being able to grow your marketing, validating a business idea, networking for peer support, etc.

About You

Will only be used to contact you about the course.
We will be offering the course on Mondays and Thursdays. Depending on interest, we may run the Sunday sessions. We will update you at least one week prior to the start to confirm the schedule. Classes begin 9/19/22 and run through 11/14/22. Note: if you are unable to attend at that time, please still feel free to submit your application. Based on the responses we get we may offer additional time slots and schedules including a weekend super sprint.
This could include how to talk to potential investors, how to setup your accounting, how to plan for taxes, or anything else.