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Democratizing access to information, technology, and opportunity.

About BigTB

BigTB was founded to help make information and technology available to as many people as possible.  Our mission to democratize access to information, technology, and opportunity is at the core of our strategic decision making. BigTB makes technology more accessible by providing educational opportunities, excellent development service, and affordable website hosting.

If you have a business or project you are working on, we would love the opportunity to help you see what BigTB can do for you.

BigTB can help you host a wide variety of websites. We offer plans starting as low as $19.92/month which are perfect for small businesses and startups.  We can also provide wide range of hosting solutions to help address virtually any need.  We have experience with massive databases as well as international video streaming.  Of course we also have experience hosting small websites; no matter what your website hosting needs are, we can help!

BigTB provides a wide range of development services which include the popular WordPress platform.  We can build anything ranging from a simple website with a few pages all the way to a fully functional social media site or just about anything you can think of.  We have experience working with a variety of technology stacks and can help you not only build a project that works great, but one that also does not have a huge hosting bill.  


A big part of making the right decisions with your technology is making sure you are using the right solution to face your challenge.  In the current state of computer technology there are a lot of inexpensive solutions that provide more robust features and capabilities than older and more expensive competitors.  We can help you integrate technology into your business in such a way that you can get the most out of your operational budget.

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