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We help small and mid-sized businesses take advantage of the same advancements in technology that their competitors do.

And we build it better.

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Operating a small or mid-sized business can be a daunting task.  BigTB can help your business leverage the advantages of modern computing that your larger competitors have been using for years.

Level the Playing Field

Access Fortune 100 Technology at a Fraction of the Cost.

With the rapid improvements in computer and internet technologies over that least 10 years an enormous amount of tools have become available to small and mid-sized businesses that would not have been possible before.  

We can help your business implement the same technologies your competitors are using, and for a lot less than they paid to get it.

Open-Source Powered

Harness the Flexibility and Innovation of Open-Source Technologies.

The reason why technology has been improving so quickly is that an enormous amount of computer programming is done using open-source libraries that are essentially taking advantage of a lot of work that was already done.  Most of the internet infrastructure you use runs on Linux, which is an open-source Operating System.  Fun fact, if you read the user agreement with Netflix you’ll see they rely on it so heavily on it that they include the open-source licensing agreement as part of there user agreement.

Your business probably is already using a lot of open-source technology without thinking about it; we help supercharge your operations by giving you access to powerful tools and technologies.  

We can handle everything.

Cost-Effective Tech, Priceless Results

Achieve More Without Breaking the Budget.

Investing in your technology should be a real investment that pays you back. If you invested in technology this year, would you have more money in the next six months? year? Five years?  We can review your current systems and make recommendations that will show you exactly what you can expect. 

All of the solutions we use can be built as securely as you’d like.  We are a full service technology partner which means if you want something done, we can handle the entire process.  

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