Joshua Stacy


Mr. Stacy has over 20 years of experience working with various internet development tools and environments.  His first programing languages were qbasic and Visual Basic 6 (in 1999).  Mr. Stacy’s comprehensive understanding of how the various parts of hardware, networking, and software intersect has helped him develop projects which are able to complete significantly higher than their “weight class”.  Mr. Stacy also prides himself in delivering incredible value for anything he offers.

Jack Lapides

Director of Operations

Mr. Lapides graduated from Lafayette College with a Bachelor of Arts in Government & Law and French, and a minor in Africana Studies.  Prior to joining BigTB, Mr. Lapides founded a tech startup in college that served hundreds of customers.  Since joining BigTB, Mr. Lapides has worked with clients to build a variety of solutions, mainly focused on automation and workflow optimization.