a.k.a. Big TB Open Source Accelerator Round 1

An accelerator helps a new idea or a small business grow thoughtfully and establish a solid foundation.

BigTB(OS)1 is the result of approximately six months of work with a small group of individuals.  A total of over 100 potential businesses and projects were screened to help identify the most common challenges they all faced, and a set of processes and tools has been designed to help those projects accelerate their growth and development timelines.

Note: With BigTB(OS)1, you can work with a project we have in development or bring your own.

Anyone that is looking to make efficient use of their time by leveraging established systems and processes can benefit tremendously from BigTB(OS)1.  We primarily leverage existing Open Source technologies and apply them to a variety of industries which range from agriculture to marketing to social media platforms; we can deliver significant value to most industries because we can generally take about 18 months of work and help you crank that down to 4 to 6 months.

The primary requirements for participation in the program involve having at least 10 hours per week to applying the lessons you’re learning and approximately 4 hours per week for instruction.

There are open office hours once a week as well, which can be used for check-ins or other assistance, but generally speaking, the more time you’re able to commit, the better your results will be.

Absolutely not.  If you are building a business you will need some capitol, but most of the support from BigTB(OS)1 comes from being able to compete against well funded companies, even when you’re on a limited budget; it is never a bad time to be efficient with your cash.