BigTB's (Open Source) Accelerator

What is BigTB(OS)?

BigTB(OS) is an “Open Source Accelerator”.  If you have a startup idea or a small business that you want to grow, we can help.  We help by developing and implementing powerful open-source technologies which help us develop and support powerful products with enterprise grade hardware and scaling abilities, without having to get bogged down with significant capital expenditures or long-term liabilities.


Is the BigTB(OS) program right for my project?

BigTB(OS) is an ideal growth environment for early stage projects in either “MVP” or “Pre MVP” status.  One of the biggest challenges most startups have  is “getting going”, we help remove barriers.  Waiting on how to incorporate?  Set up a bank account?  Getting a business license?  Pretty much no matter where you are at, we can help you move forward.  

What would I learn from being a part of BigTB(OS)

At the beginning of the program you will work directly with an advisor that will help develop a 12 week plan that will address the areas of highest concern and most potential.  While the specific plan is different for each project, common focus areas include:

  1. Identifying realistic financial projections based on existing market assumptions.
  2. Developing customer conversion funnels that help attract the type of customers an partners you want.
  3. Technology development and cost scaling.
  4. What metrics investors view favorably.
  5. What metrics banks view favorably.
  6. How to position your business processes under a “15 minute per week” model.

Is there a cost associated with BigTB(OS)?

We are initially launching with two “tracks”.  The first track is “BigTB(OS)0”, which is a self-paced self-study program, which is freely available to anyone that wishes to register.  
The second track is “BigTB(OS)1”, which does have a sliding scale fee based on what strategic and techincal support your 12 week plan requires.  For example, as part of the Accelerator we want each project to have exactly what it needs to succeed.  A significant barrier of entry to building a business can be the cost of internet development; with that in mind, we can include building a Viable Product (not just Minimally Viable 😉 ) with total out of pocket costs for the accelerator and development being less than the cost of attending a trade show.  

How long does the Accelerator run?

Lesson 1 of BigTB(OS)0 should be available starting 2/2/2021 with lessons being released on a weekly basis after that.

BigTB(OS)1 is expected to start taking applications by 2/14/2021 with a start date within 60 days of opening applications.

Do I have to come to California for the Accelerator?

Absolutely not!  
Most of the advancements happening in technology right now are happening at blazing speeds because we have mostly transitioned to “work from home as the norm”, we don’t want to interfere with anything you have supporting you.
We hope this helps expand BigTB(OS) into a worldwide force, because if we all innovate a little, we can innovate a lot 🙂