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Scope of Work Project: WikHR Scope of Work Project: WikHR The current solutions for job seekers and employers involve using multiple systems. This project endeavors to create one system using logic trees and candidate-focused information to deliver a comprehensive staffing resource for companies to hire candidates.
The deliverable to be provided toJames "Ed" Gattis from Parabellum Systems, LLC will include a 4-5 question logic tree that will result in approximately 15-20 "end points". Each "end point" will be where candidates are funneled based on their experience (job history), personal development goals (high performer or "dial it in"), as well as security clearance status. End points will also provide candidates with additional next steps which can be used to increase their skills and/or employability.
With respect to compensation, Ed will provide BigTB with $1,000 which will cover the cost of development of the first version. This first version is to be delivered by no later than Friday June 18th, 2021, unless agreed to by both parties in writing. Absent written notification from Ed to the contrary, the work product will be deemed acceptable and as agreed by no later than Wednesday June 30th, 2021. In addition to the $1,000 payment, BigTB and the contracting entity will engage in a 50% revenue share, settled between the parties not less than 30 days after compensation is received, barring unusual circumstances or the parties agreeing in writing  to an altered compensation plan. All revenue opportunities generated from the software created, or as derivatives of the deliverable, are also encompassed by the revenue sharing agreement.
Ed will provide BigTB with a "clearance matrix" which will allow BigTB to create a logic tree that will assist various candidates in reviewing positions and/or agencies they would be eligible for based on their existing clearances. Jack will serve as the Project Manager, responsible as the point of contact with BigTB for this project. He will be assisting with development along with Anthony and other as needed. @Josh will serve as the "single throat to choke" in the event of a failure on the part of the Project Manager. Ed is providing the hosting via godaddy.  Should hosting need to be migrated, BigTB will facilitate the transfer with an appropriate feed (estimated at $250).  BigTB hosting plans start at $50/month.

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