Technology Solutions

BigTB has a range of experience across web, server, and mobile technologies

Scalable Networks

We work with databases and networks that scale to tens millions of users. If your business and web presence are growing, we can help.
Make sure your server system is robust and ready for anything with our networking services.
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Security & Privacy

We help create and filter processes so that your information is private across the web and secure from breaches.
We've got experience securing all kinds of companies. If you're worried or have recently had any breaches, it's time to lockdown your systems.
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We've helped stores get up and running, implement automation to reduce manual processes, and more.
E-commerce is easy. But mastering it is tough. Let us help you make things more efficient.
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Automate workflows, access client portals and dashboards, and simplify your workstream intake with our efficient tools.
The legal space is waiting for innovation. Have an idea? Start building! Working on something? Streamline your process.
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Our expertise includes setting up and running B2B and B2C marketplaces selling both digital and physical products.
We've built scalable marketplaces and know how to maximize your processes.
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Community Policing

Two of the key pillars of 21st century policing are community policing and technology.BigTB helps merge the two.
If your department or agency is looking to modernize using community policing tools, contact us today.
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Distributed Computing

Store your files on the blockchain or pin them so that they're always available. Build your NFT, Crypto or Blockchain project today.
Blockchain is new (to the mainstream) but we've been working on the tech for years. See how we've managed to stay ahead of the competition.
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Social Media

Use our solution to create your very own social media server, complete with all the features you know and love. Keep it private with a community or open it up!
Social media has dominated in the past twenty years, but it's changing. Start your new solution today as people emigrate off Facebook and others for privacy concerns.
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