Web 5.0

Are you ready?

Our friends over at OpenAI are under the opinion that no one has really officially claimed “Web 5.0”.  Seeing the challenges the consumer market is facing with adoption of Web 3.0 (such as crypto wallets and blockchain computing), BigTB is pleased to announce the development of Web 5.0 by BigTB.

So what is it?

Most of the internet currently runs on “Web 2.0”.  What Web 3.0 did was create a lot of infrastructure and technical advancements.  The challenge with these developments is that consumers find them very difficult to work with.  At BigTB, Web 5.0 is Web 2.0 + Web 3.0.  What does that mean? By utilizing many of the tools and best practices of Web 2.0, we create hybrid solutions that generally make it easier for a consumer and/or non-technical user to benefit from advancements in computing without having to find new ways to interact with technology.

What would a good example of a web 5.0 project be?

Take your traditional website, anything you have an account on.  Could be an amazon account, could be netflix account; how did you create an account?  You gave them your email address and/or your phone number.  Wouldn’t it be neat if you could login to a website using an anonymous account that wasn’t linked to any way to message you?  Blockchain allows for that very easily.  So, one of the ways we help people with Web 5.0 is by providing social media sites with access to be able to take advantage of the best of Web 2.0 and Web 3.0.  As Web 5.0 principles go, the objective is to make technology easy to use.  To help keep things easy, we allow people to use email addresses to register as well, but the option to use a blockchain protocol to login can provide a level of security and privacy that was never possible in a Web 2.0 only environment.

So are you ready for Web 5.0?  Feel free to contact us to see what we can make Web 5.0 do for you!