What is BigTB?

BigTB is a new class of “Big Tech”.  We specialize democratizing access to information and technology.  One of the primary ways we drive that is with our “Rapid Launch” approaches towards implementing new business models in existing industries.  Most of the technology development needs in our current economy revolve more around applying existing technologies in efficient ways than developing new technologies.  

We apply are “Rapid Launch” approach in three areas.  The first area is our Incubator where we work on internal projects that play to our strengths.  The second area is with our Accelerator where we work with external partners on Joint Ventures to bring the best of our skills and experience to partnerships with individuals and entities with existing strategic advantages.  The third is our Learn to Earn program where we teach our methods and methodologies to interns who can then either build their own careers external to BigTB or join us in either our Accelerator or Incubator programs.