BigTB Sales Training Program

The BigTB Sales Training Program is a one month course that provides structured learning, hands-on experience, money-making opportunities, and upon successful completion, a professional reference outlining your accomplishments.

Perfect for independent contractors, students, part time workers, or anyone looking for new career opportunities. The program combines business strategy, sales methodology and problem solving. By learning these skills together, you can have more control over your income and your impact in any sales-driven organization.

 If you’re new to sales, this is a great way to get exposure to a formula for clear communication and problem solving. If you have sales experience this is a great opportunity to hone your abilities and test out new methodologies. These skills are the same skills you’d use whether you’re talking to a recruiter, looking for new customers, or simply looking to improve your performance in your current job.

If you’re ready to start taking control of your career, apply to the BigTB Sales Training Program.  e

Learn what drives growth

Reach for Opportunity

Get hands on sales experience and personalized training. 

Learn more about business and dive into the psychology behind human nature and what people want.

Test & Improve your skills

Learn by Doing

Our Sales Training Program comes at no cost, and will include instruction as well as live sales experience. You’ll learn how to make cold introductions, follow up on warm leads, and sell real products – with the opportunity to earn real commissions.

Leave with more

Find Your Next Steps

Upon completion of the program, graduates may be invited to accept a sales position with BigTB.  Graduates of the program will also be able to better understand what a career in sales would be like and be able to better identify appropriate sales positions for themselves, at BigTB or elsewhere.