BigTB Startup Sprint

A Startup Sprint helps a new idea or a early-stage startup grow thoughtfully and establish a solid foundation.

The BigTB Startup Sprint is a program designed to speed up the process of starting and growing a business. We’ll fit what could otherwise be years of learning and progress into just eight weeks. 

You can work with a project we have in development or bring your own.

Anyone with a business idea they want to develop or a business they want to grow.  We work with you during the course in many areas which include finding and marketing to new customers. We help you build your business plan, establish or grow your web presence, create a pitch deck, and create sales models.

The course meets twice a week on Mondays and Thursdays for one hour.  The Monday class is instructional and there will be assignments to work on self-paced.  On the Thursday class BigTB will help go over any questions on the assignments and make sure everyone is ready for the next lesson.

We recommend having about 10 hours a week available, but the more you put in the more you will get out. For example, as we go over marketing, if you spend more time working on your marketing, it will help you grow your business or idea more quickly.  The same applies to other areas we will teach.

Absolutely not.  If you are building a business you will need some capital, but most of the support from BigTB Startup Sprint comes from being able to compete against well funded companies, even when you’re on a limited budget; it is never a bad time to be efficient with your cash.

The first class starts on 9/19/22 and runs through 11/14/22.  Classes are at 4PM PST/7PM EST and run for one hour.

The cost for the course is $99. The price for students and veterans is $79.

You can apply by

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